Travis Wilkes - City of Round Rock
"Chasco has truly been a partner while working on projects with the City of Round Rock. They go above and beyond their stated scope of work to ensure project success, even if it cuts into their profits. Over and over they have shown the project success is their number one goal, and they don't give up until that goal is reached."

Terry Jones - City of Georgetown
"Chasco is the most organized, professionally staffed, intuitive and accommodating construction company I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with."

Brian Stillman - Round Rock Sports Center
"From pre-construction, through construction, and now in post-construction warranty work the Chasco team has been a valuable partner for the City of Round Rock and the Round Rock Sports Center. Their attention to detail and willingness to make necessary changes 'on-the-fly' was one of the main reasons why we, in our opinion, have one of the best facilities of our kind in the nation."

The City of Round Rock
"Your company has always practiced teamwork and professionalism on our projects."

Heath Willms - Oden Hughes, LLC.
"I am currently working with Chasco Constructors on two multi-family projects, Landmark at Double Creek II and Landmark Southpark II. I had not worked with Chasco before, and having two projects running simultaneously initially caused me some concerns. They have completed Double Creek and are wrapping up Southpark and my concerns have been put to rest. Chasco's scope of work, sitework and utilities, has met or exceeded our schedule on both projects and their willingness to work through problems, while maintaining a positive attitude was very refreshing. Not having to be concerned with two of the first scopes of a project was a huge help to my project team and I. Chasco is a great company and I sincerely hope to work with them on my future projects."

Keith Hickman Architects and Interior Design
"Our design and construction administration teams have been very impressed with Chasco's ability."

Dustin Cloutier - Realtex Construction
"Chasco Constructors was our subcontractor for the earthwork and underground utilities on our multi-family project Legacy at South First. It was a challenging job because of the large amount of public work being installed within an existing city street. They did a fantastic job coordinating not only their work, but also the work of other subs working on-site with them. The Chasco team finished their work ahead of schedule and made my job easier; I am hoping for the opportunity to work with them on our next project. I would like to thank the entire team for a job well done."

Fisher Hagood, Inc.
"The experience was very successful and refreshing to work with such a committed construction team."

Chad McDowell - City of Round Rock
"The City of Round Rock was challenged with constructing a Sports Center in just 12 short months. Not only was the timeline very aggressive, but the rain and freezing temperatures did not help this project at all. The Chasco team that we had on-board overcame adversity and never complained. They had a plan and a realistic schedule set from the beginning, they stuck to that schedule. There are a lot of organizations out there that put teams together that do not mesh very well, the Chasco team performed like they have been working together for years!"

Yancey-Hausman & Associates, Inc.
"Consistently, you and your team have met those challenges and have completed each project on time and within budget."
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