Chasco Constructors is a safety conscious company. Our hope is that all employees come on site with regard to not only their own safety, but the safety of others around them. We hold the safety of our employees, employees of our subcontractors and client, and the general public to the highest standard.

Our company operates some of the safest jobs in the nation. We follow strict safety guidelines set by both OSHA and our internal safety department. We have a complete set of safety standards that are used to custom tailor each project’s specific safety program.

Some of our safety guidelines are:
-Monthly job site inspections
-Weekly tool box talks
-Safety planning of upcoming events
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By being safety conscious we reduce unnecessary loss of productivity, money, health, and also company and owner reputation. We have less recordable incidents and fewer, if any, accidents. This leads to happy employees - with happy employees we achieve superior craftsmanship. These are just a couple reasons why most of our clients are repeat customers.
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